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Our Computer and Business Training Programmes

MICT Accredited End User Computing NQF3

Windows XP Intro, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, Presentation Design Techniques, Desktop Publishing with Publisher, Enterprise Computing, Internet and Outlook

These are great classes for the beginning or advanced user or for someone who wants to up skill themselves or through selftaught.

Intro classes will enable you to learn techniques that bring your skills up to speed including file features, tools, templates, print troubleshooting, spell-check, formulas and other useful tools. Excel, Word and Publisher are covered in a format of two 3-8 hours classes and Access is 8 hours so the leaning is maximized. Windows XP Intro, PowerPoint, Internet and Outlook Boot Camp are covered in one session so you get it and hit the ground running.

Telecommunication Networks

Learners assessed competent against this qualification will be able to Install and Maintain Complex Customer Premises Equipment within the Telecommunications Industry. Depending on the selection of the electives, they will be able to provide support and train customers, organise resources, schedule activities, conduct periodic quality testing and recover customer equipment. The learners will be able to perform work in the fixed-line and wireless telecommunications environment.

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Information Technology Systems Development

The purpose of this qualification is to enhance readiness and provide entry into the areas of Systems Development at NQF level 5. It prepares learners for entry into the workplace or as undergraduate study in the Systems Development areas covered, providing them with the necessary knowledge needed for further study in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at Higher Education level.

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Information Technology Systems Support

The purpose of this qualification may be stated as: To develop learners with the requisite competencies against the skills profile for the systems support career path (The overarching aim being to develop a broader base of skilled ICT professionals to underpin economic growth)

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Business Management Skills

As a manager, your success is measured by the productivity and efficiency of the people who report to you. However, that success actually hinges on your skill at understanding, equipping, supporting and directing those people. The new, global economy is putting pressure on everyone to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency at every level, which means you are going to have to become even better at bringing out the best in your people.

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Leadership skills

Our Leadership session aims to help you develop the ability and the insights to help those under your supervision to become more efficient and effective at doing their jobs. Through a combination of role-play, small group interaction, and video viewing practice sessions, you will receive real-time practice and personal coaching as you hone the new leadership skills you have developed.

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Contact Centre and Customer Support

If keeping customers coming back over and over again is important to you, and then your staff could definitely benefit from our Customer Service Skills Training programme. There is no mystery to providing great customer service; it is simply a combination of great people and great training. You provide the people, and we provide exciting, highly interactive training that will enable your staff to communicate more effectively, listen with greater empathy, close more sales and resolve more complaints in less time, and represent your company with cordial professionalism in all situations. We combine informative discussions, small group activities, role-plays and taped personal coaching sessions to help participants practice and refine their customer service skills in real-life, real-time situations.

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Project Management

When a project fails, the problem often lies not in the concept but in the process. In order for a great idea to achieve great results, it must be supported by a great project team with an effective project management plan. Our one-day Project Management seminar can help you put together the winning strategy to guide your team Toward success.

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Sales and Marketing Planning

Our Market Planning session is designed to help your company create a program to implement strategic marketing and sales plans at all levels within your organization, with a particular focus on better educating and motivating those employees in your company who deal directly with customers. The course focuses on helping you gain practical skills to implement new sales, marketing and distribution strategies. It provides a common language between individuals at the implementation, marketing, management, sales, support personnel and executive leadership levels. A sales manager has to be part baby-sitter, part traffic-cop, part cheerleader and part sales guru. It helps if you have good communication skills and a thorough knowledge of human behaviour patterns.

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