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The benefits of buying your PCs from Loxion Server.

Not all PCs are the same, even though the specification may be similar. The PC marketplace is very aggressive and margins are small. In order to increase their profit margin, many manufacturers will look to cut costs by using the cheapest possible components and assembly processes.

Our PCs are made to our own specification using the highest quality components available.

We have full control over the assembly and testing procedures and will normally have installed much of the software before we deliver the PC to you. There are no hidden costs with Loxion Server PCs. Our price includes delivery while other suppliers will charge you for this.If you encounter a technical problem with a Loxion Server PC under warranty we will rapidly send out one of our own engineers. As part of the Basic Managed Service Loxion Server will take ownership of the problem and if necessary we will re-install Windows and your software along with printer drivers and network configuration.

Buying PCs from a reseller could cost you dearly. PC re-sellers are generally competing against one another to sell the same goods.

Margins are very low and so they need to sell high volumes to stay in business. Delivery will be charged on top of the price of the PC. They have no resources to support a long term relationship with their customers and so will tend to lose interest as soon as the sale is complete.When a PC develops a fault you will need to follow the manufacturer’s warranty procedure. This usually involves phoning their call-centre, who will require you to follow their step by step diagnostic tests. Only after this has been completed will they consider a repair. Even if the PC is brand new it will not be exchanged and you will have to wait for a repair. This is likely to involve several phone calls and you will probably speak to a different person each time.If you experience a hard drive fault their engineer would simply replace the hard drive with one that has the factory defaults pre-installed. They will then leave site and close the call as a successful repair, even though none of your software is installed and the PC is not configured to access your network.In summary the PCs are assembled using the fastest method, with the cheapest parts and you would be responsible for managing any problems that occur. Throughout this process you will be dealing with call-centres and people who do not know you or the school.

Setting up your new PCs

When supplying Loxion Server PCs we are able to quote a guaranteed per-PC setup price. Should you prefer to use PCs from other suppliers we are still happy to set them up for you, but we would charge on a day-rate basis for the actual time taken to complete the job. This is necessary as it can take longer to set them up due to factors beyond of our control such as missing drivers or hardware problems.

Best Value

We would normally recommend replacing your PCs after 4 years; however we recently replaced a suite of 30 Loxion Server computers that had provided over 7 years of uninterrupted use to their school. This is a testament to the build quality.

For all of these reasons Loxion Server pcs give you best value and a lower cost on ownership.

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