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Loxion Server is your one stop shop for

IT infrastructure deployment, Skills Development, IT Support & maintenance, Internet service provider and ICT consultancy services as well as accessory and communications services shop. All these solutions serve in our capacity as a global tool by virtue of our unique service approach for your integrated business needs.Established by two young technicians in 2000 after the realisation that SMME are playing an important role in the countries economy and as a solution and catalyst of reducing unemployment in the country, the founders of this vibrant company mobilised themselves as technology experts with tremendous working experience in the various ICT and Skills Development and Training sectors of the economy and utilising their experience LOXION SERVER has immerged to be competitive locally.

Our vision is to train future Chief Information Officers, ICT projects managers, technicians and engineers

Who will develop, deploy and service ICT engines as a driver of economic development, knowledge and Information tool to utilise local ICT content and intellectual resources better, cheaper, faster, and more durable to create platform for empowering participation of civil society, business and government institutions in the regeneration of the African continent.Through strategic partnership our organisation intends to grow its vision by participating in local and international progressive ICT projects that serves as an empowering tool for human rights.

Leadership and Management

Mr Siphiwe Blose is a founder and Chief Information Officer of Loxtion Server

Mr. Siphiwe Blose

Established in the year 2000. Mr Blose has been involved in a number of career paths including but not limited to, IT strategist, business analyst since 1996 deploying technology centres in local Soweto schools for the IDRC SchoolNet and Netday 97 project. This is where his career has been identified by the USAID to become an South African Ambassador to SADEC training NGO on Internet and wireless technology. He worked with Mr Mike Jansen through SANGONet and Association for Progressive Communication (APC). As a Project Manager he further worked with USAASA to deploy telecentres connecting and activating Sentech Satellites. He is currently an ICT assessor and an activist for the NPO Izipho Zomphakathi Multiskills. He has studied various IT courses including Project management, Telecommunication Policy and Regulation Management, Telecommunication Law, at Wits and further studied Management Advanced Program with Wits Business School.

Our Testimonial

We are passionate about our community and SMMEs, as a company we are driven to provide customers with a complete solution in our current and future ICT initiative clusters, internet services, telecoms infrastructure and computer networking. The company's customer base includes all consumers such as call centre analysis, wireless infrastructure deployment and management and all small-size to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups.

Charity Services

If you are involved with a non-profit or charity, we understand that you have to carefully watch every cent of your organization’s expenditure. We are proud to support your organisation's efforts and provide discounted or donated computers charity services to qualified non-profits and charitable organizations in our area.

Loxion Store
Has Gone Green!

There is a time when your computer will stop being a useful part of your life, and it will become a waste of household space. When that time comes, Loxion Store will be there to help you properly recycle it for free! This gives us and our local community the opportunity to be engaged in the recycling movement. It is easy to recycle that soda can, but we want to make sure we can provide a place for all those miscellaneous computer related components.

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